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I offer:

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Whole system discovery
  • Scenario planning and ‘Postcards from the Future’
  • Strategy development
  • Consultation and engagement evaluation
  • Analysis and reporting

There is considerable cynicism about the motives behind much consultation and engagement activity. Not only on the part of those taking part, but also among those who commission and undertake it.

Organisations employ consultation and engagement techniques to explore issues, empower people, promote understanding, and develop trust. Does it work? Have you seen these benefits in your workplace? Crucially, have you experienced improvements in your customer and other significant relationships as a result?

With toolkits to deploy, boxes to tick, and stakeholders to manage, it’s hardly surprising when our efforts, though well intentioned, sometimes fall short of the authentic and worthwhile consultation and engagement people have a right to expect.

It needn’t be that way.

I’ll enable you to build the relationships that matter most to your work. Helping you reach the right people, putting in place the conditions for real commitment, and ultimately strengthening dialogue between key players in your system, not least your customers.

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