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I offer:

  • Improvement projects, Best Value and Scrutiny reviews
  • Building teams that learn
  • Developing a systems and process viewpoint
  • Leadership development, mentoring and coaching
  • Management of change

Most organisations begin their existence with a clear sense of purpose and the burning desire to make a difference for their customers. Yet, in time, routines replace innovation. Rigidity replaces responsiveness. And, where once they were open, they turn inwards, becoming deaf to their customers, oblivious to their needs. In short, they lose the ability to learn, adapt, change, and all too frequently even to survive.

Organisations, of course, believe that they are focused on their customers. They run training programmes, implement new quality initiatives, review and restructure, all with the goal of doing things better for their customers. But for all this kind of activity, is yours a truly customer centred workplace? Think about the last meeting you attended, can you see how it will benefit your customers? Were they even mentioned?

It needn’t be that way.

Using a systems-based methodology, I’ll work with you to nurture a ‘customer-in’ mentality, where what matters at every level of the organisation, amongst individuals and teams, is the ultimate customer and being centred on them. This, coupled with a thorough understanding of the way things are really working now, will focus your efforts and enable sustained improvements in organisational performance.

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