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I offer:

  • Performance measurement
  • Design and development of data-gathering systems
  • Statistical Process Control and quality tools
  • Evaluation

With so many workplaces filled with different measures, indicators and targets, how is it that many managers still feel unsure about how well things are going?

Organisations frequently burden themselves and their employees with too many measures. They learn little and often find that the energy and creativity of their employees turns from working to please customers to playing the numbers to please the boss.

It needn’t be that way.

Measurement is critical. It’s only with the right measures that organisations can know what is going on around them, how their actions impact others, how their environment is changing, how they’re changing. Without this feedback they lose the capability to adapt, to learn and to continually improve.

I’ll help you develop measures that support the behaviours and capacities your organisation needs to thrive and achieve its potential. Involving those closest to the day-to-day work, I’ll enable you to create a network of measures that will support them in achieving the organisation’s purpose. And you’ll be able to improve performance, rather than learning to live with the consequences.

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