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I offer:

  • Learning workshops
  • Bespoke training, tailored to your work
  • Small talks and conversations
  • Conference keynotes and presentations

Learning objectives, programme benefits, essential skills, practical outcomes to exactly suit your needs; all delivered anytime and anyplace to fit in with your time starved, high pressure working life. Do you ever think it all sounds too good to be true?

In the face of decreasing budgets and with greater and greater pressure on individuals and teams to prove the worth and value of every formal learning activity, training has become another over packaged, glossy product. Unsustainable promises are made; predictable results and certainty are offered. The appeal is made to our heads with that which we know in our hearts cannot be guaranteed.

It needn’t be that way.

I’ll work with you to develop meaningful learning opportunities, ones which fit your reality today, but which are all about being different tomorrow. I won’t promise what I can’t deliver. I understand that successful learning lies as much in your hands as it does in mine. It takes active, willing participation, courage and openness; none of which it is in my power to enforce.

I will bring my passion and humour, along with my experience and knowledge, to challenge and provoke and explore what holds us back; what stops us from using all the talents and abilities we already possess. You will bring all the possibilities.

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